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February 2011




7 OONA - KAPI PUPPIES were born 9.4th 2010
` Fashiest fawn female
Infinity" (Red collar)

3 Fawn Females. far left is "Kea" our newest addition to Boxnen Boxers. Middle "Liebe" (Pink) and "Iina" (blue)
Fawn Male "Iron"

The two Brindle Males, the one on the left is Ike and the one on the right is Intri.

Collar colors to follow in future...

Boxnen's Infinity von Mondlicht (??) - One of the Fawn Females natural tail

Boxnen's Ich Liebe Dich (Liebe) - Fawn female with cropped tail (Pink)

Boxnen's Intrigue (Intri) - Brindle Male with cropped tail
Boxnen's Itarzan (Ike)- Brindle Male natural tail

Boxnen's Ikea (Kea) - Dark mahogany Fawn Female with natural tail

Boxnen's Inchala (Iina) - Fawn Female cropped tail (Blue)

Boxnen's Ironman (Iron) - Fawn Male cropped tail

AUGUST NEWS!!! DENNIS BAUER was here to do few seminars...

May 22nd & 23rd at OG Bierstadt judged by Mike Hamilton
Congrats Nancy N & Johann for their 2nd SchH1 score!!!, Sylvia H & Kronos BH, Mary Jo H & Lucy BH,
Minna N-B & Oona IPO2, High 2 dog
Minna and Trooper SchH1
Minna and Raven BH


4-24-2010 Uba earned her HIC (Herding Instict Certificate)


Chris and Kapi earned their BH and Minna and Tiki STP3 (article search 3) at MSSV under Ann-Marie C



He is out of our Oona and German import Piper. Hudson is living in NY. Owned and loved by Lauren S. GOOD LUCK GUYS!!!!

Tiki ran at dobermann agility match in OPEN class and earned 1st place in Jumpers!!! She ran in standard class too. But had one too many "refusals" she hit the weaves very nice! I think we are ready for open!


Jan 16th- Tiki earned her last leg towards her AKC CD title at Oshkosh Kennel Club.

Jan 1st- Tiki got 2nd place in the Working group at Agility Decathlong Fun Match hosted by Clever K9 at WDC. (Photos by Marie Murphy Thank You Marie!!!)


Dec 23rd Boxnen's H litter of one puppy was born. Boxnen's Horatio Caine. He looks just like ma and pa!!

Dec 12th ans 13th Tiki earned her 2 legs (qualifying scores) towards her CD title.


Nov 29th at Winnegamie Dog Club Agility trial Minna and Tiki earned their 2nd leg in Novice Fast class with 2nd place, and 3rd leg = NA title in Standard novice class with 3rd place.

Nov 28th at Winnegamie Dog Club Agility trial Minna and Tiki earned their 1st Novice Fast Class leg with 2nd place.

Nov 27 Oona's pregnancy confirmed by ultrasound!!!!!

Nov 21st EWWBK Club Trial
Chris and Silk took High In Trial
Minna and Tiki earned their R.A.S.2 with V rating of 96 points


Look who was bred....

Piper and Oona

OONA WAS BRED Oct 24th...babies expected Dec 23rd....Look litter/puppies page for more information

October 10th at Blackstar Working K-9 Boxer Club Trial , in MI
Dutch and Chris High SchH1 (out of 4)
Tiki and Minna R.A.S.1 with 94 points
Trooper and Minna BH

October 17th
Tiki and Minna earned 3rd leg = NAJ (Novice agility jumpers) title with 2nd placement. Also earned 2nd leg in Standard class with 1st placement.

October 24th
at EWWBK Halloween CGC's and Costume Contest
New CGC's
Uba and Minna
Trooper and Minna

Uba was tied with club member Megan's Dutch Shep in the costume contest. Allie who was a hot dog in a bun. Uba was dressed as a fairy princess with wings...

Sept 19-20th Sylkiie and Chris trialed at North Central Regional Championships!!!
Even tough the scores may of not been all that great she got MANY compliments on her very flashy obedience (she would of had high OB in trial if she wouldn't of moved on her long down...we think she was thinking bite work). Her bark and hold was one of the best 3 out that day. All 3 were bitches!!!


July 26th 2009 "TIKI" and Minna earned their AWD1 title at WDCI Schutzhund trial hosted by Bill Bimrose Judged by Al Govednik. Tiki took High Tracking 92p. High OB,High Protection, the team also were High In Trial.

July 19th Tiki and Minna earned Double Q in Agility trial hosted by NFGRC. Both runs 1st place with 100 points WOW!!!!

July 6th Tiki, Kapi and Sylkiie earned their CGC awards (Canine Good Citizen) at the EWWBK Summer Camp. Certified by Renee Basye


top left Oona, top mid Pomo, top right Dutch during ZTP and bottom left Pomo and bottom right Oona

July 10-12th 2009 USA-BOX Sieger Show held at Oak Springs Kennel, Inc. Poplar Grove, Illinois. Sieger Show was hosted by Chi-Town Boxer Verein Judged by Kormeister Ralf Brinkmann of Germany
Boxers from Boxnen kennel entered at the show:

Oona got 1st place Working Fawn Female earning the tile of 2009 USA-BOX NATIONAL SIEGERIN,UKC Ch, Intl, Ch, Narcotic K9, V- BOXNEN'S FRESCA ILONA BH,IPO1,CGC

Judges comment on Oona "medium size red fawn; good skull; prominent cheeks; a little short in muzzle; prominent undershot and chin; dark brown eyes; very good neck; deep chest; shoulder and upper arms should be a little bit longer; hocks are weak; regular movement; reaches a little short in front SG1"

Pomo earned V rating in Fawn Male Veterans Class and received the oldest dog trophy "Bear and Bean Memorial Most Senior Dog" trophy. Pomo is 12 yrs old and still going strong. V- BOXNEN'S ARMAGEDDON BH,TR1,IPO1

Judges comment on Pomo "12 years, very good size red fawn and white; nice head proportion; dark eyes; slightly grey mask; very good neck to withers; well balanced body; very good proportion; still powerful movement V1"

Dutch was 3rd Brindle male in open class (out of 6-7 boys), he also earned ZTP : SG-Enzo vom Messingsberg BH,CGC, ZTP

Judges comment on Dutch "tall golden brindle; a little heavy in the head; very good muzzle; dark eyes; tip of nose should be set a little higher; small teeth; very good neck and withers; deep chest; good front ;very good rear angulations; a little weak in elbows and hocks; free movement SG1

JUNE 1st Oona and Minna earned their IPO1 Title at EWWBK club trial under Johannes Grewe. Earning V in tracking and High Tracking in trial, with points 96-84-91=272.

Boxnen's Ikea

Full Name: Boxnen's Ikea
Call Name: Kea or KIKI
Sire's Name: Flirtin Capina BH,AD,CGC
Dam's Name: '09 USA-BOX National Siegerin, U-Ch,Intl.Ch, Narcotic K9 Boxnen's Fresca Ilona BH,IPO2,CGC
Birth Date: September 4th 2010
Breed: Boxer
Sex: Female
Color: Fawn
Tittles and accomplishments:
  • Jan 16th Graduated form Puppy Obedience Class at WDC

Kea is in agility and conformation training as well as she has started her Schutzhund training as well, she has learned to bark for action to get the rag or pillow.

V- Caelon du Champ des Legendes AD,ZTP

Full Name: Caelon du Champ des Legendes
Call name: Caelon (Keiloon)
Sire's Name: Forsetti v. Patshoeve (Belg import)
Dam's Name: Branka du Champ des Legendes (her sport is French Ring)
Birth Date:
Breed: Boxer
Color: Dark Brindle
Sex: Female

Tittles and accomplishments:

  • July 10-12th, 2009. USA-BOX Sieger show held in Poplar Grove, Illinois "Caelon" was shown by the former owner and her breeder for the following: AD, ZTP and she earned V (=excellent) rating in Conformation. She was shown under Judge and kormaister Ralph Brinkman of Germany.
    In the ZTP she showed pronounced courage and stable nerves under gun fire.
    Her critique: 21 months, tall size dark golder brindle; very good skull; many little wrinkles; very good muzzle; brown eyes; dark muzzle; medium bite; elegant; nearly square; very good group; very good angulations; free movement V

She is working on towards her BH and IPO1...and agility as well as her CGC...and we are going to be showing her at Intl shows soon

Dogs trained by us...

Full Name: Boxnen's Dark Angel
Call Name: Diiva
Sire: Worpel's Packer Jack
Dam: 2001 & 2003 USA-BOX Working Champion FLIRTIN ILONA BH,SchH3, IPO3, WH,FH,CDX,TD,CGC,TDI
Kennel/Breeder: She is out of our breeding's
Birth Date:
Breed: Boxer
Color: Brindle with white markings
Sex: Female
Titles and accomplishments: BH,CD,TR2,NA,NAJ and CGC Where is she now: Diiva is now owned by Minna's parents. Guarding their beautiful home in New London, WI.


Full Name: Boxnen's Double Impact
Call Name: Diesel
Sire: Woerpel's Packer Jack
Dam: 2001 &2003 USA-BOX Working Ch Flirtin Ilona BH,SchH3,IPO3,CDX,WH,FH,CGC,TDI
Kennel/Breeder: he is out of our kennel
Birth Date:
Breed: Boxer
Color: Fawn with white markings
Sex: Male
Titles and accomplishments and handler: BH,SchH1,CGC

  • SchH1 high OB at USA-BOX Working Championships
Where is he now: He was sold due to intolerance in living with female dogs coming in and out of heat cycles...He is living as a security and home companion in Tennessee.

Seven Vom Haus Becher

SEVEN Vom Hau Becher