'08 USA-BOX Working Champion & '08 USA-BOX Siegerin Flirtin Upea-Ursula BH,AD,SchH3,RH1,AWD1,T1,CGC,STP3,NAJ,NA,CD

Call Name: Tiki or Tiki-Wiki
Sire: Fin Ch Boks-Snas Hunter BH,AD,HK3,ZTP (hips B)
Dam: Flirtin Sprintti
Kennel/Breeder: She is out of FLIRTIN working boxer kennel located in Finland .
Birth Date: April 14, 2005
Breed: Boxer
Color: Brindle with white markings
Sex: Female

Titles and accomplishments: 2008 USA-BOX Working Champion & 2008 National Siegerin. BH,AD,SchH3,RH1,AWD1,T1,CGC,STP3, NAJ,NA,CD

  • March we finished our STP3 (Random article search)
  • Jan 16th Tiki earned her 3rd qualifying score = CD title!!!
  • Dec 12th and 13th Tiki earned 2 qualifying scores towards her CD
  • Nov 29th Tiki earned her 3rd leg = her NA title in Novice Standard class and 3rd place.
  • Nov 29th Tiki earned her 2nd Novice Fast leg with 2nd place
  • Nov 28th Tiki was at the 4th agility trial earning her 1st leg in Novice Fast Class and 2nd placement. Still hunting for that 3rd STD leg!!!!
  • Nov 21st Tiki earned her STP2 title with 96 p. V rating!!!
  • October 17th Tiki earned her 3rd leg = Novice Agility Jumpers Title NAJ with 2nd placement, she also earned her 2nd leg in the Standard class with 1st place ribbon as well. DOUBLE Q WOW!!!
  • October 10th at BlackStar Working K-9 Boxer Club (MI), club trial Tiki earned STP1 with 94 points out of 100.

  • July 29th AWD1 title High Tracking 92 p. High OB and High Protection, Also High In Trail. Trial hosted by WDCI Judged by Al G.

  • July 19th at NFGRC Agility trial in Oshkosh Tiki earned Double Q both runs 1st place and 100 points!!!

  • July 5th CGC at EWWBK Summer Camp

  • Qualifying score and 2nd place Novice Jumpers Class April 2009. AKC Agility Trial at Oshkosh Kennel Club's.

  • SchH3 with scores 0f 97-93-81 (271) at 2008 USA-BOX Working Championships.

  • Also earning the following at the USA-BOX Championships: High In Trial trophy, High OB trophy, High Tracking trophy and...

  • 2008 USA-BOX Working Champion of the year Title and trophy

  • V rating and National Siegerin title at 2008 USA-BOX National Sieger show under Swedish judge Mrs. Maritha Ostlund-Holmsten

  • T1 title Oct 31st 2008 (a UKC Sport title under the SDA's Tracking 1) at Rock River Dossport Club under judge Christne Gajda

  • RH1 title. Tiki is the FIRST boxer in Norht America to earn RH1 title (Search and Rescue suitability test) at EWWBK first trial, Septemeper 1st 2008. Judged by Al Govednik.

  • SchH2 title on May 31st 2008 OG Bierstadt under judge Ann-Marie Chaffin. High SchH2 (out of 4)

  • AD on June 1st OG Bierstadt under Ann-Marie Chaffin.

  • 2007 Mid-Central Regional Schutzhund 1 Champion with 95-90-80. High SchH1, High Tracking, High Auslander. 2nd highest score over all out of 20 plus competitors. Trial was held in Kansas. By Tornado Aley Schutzhund Club. Judged by Johannes Grewe.

  • 2006 shown in conformation in Finland. She placed 4th best female with reserve CAC rosette.

  • BH at 2006 USA-BOX working Championships.

    TIKI'S BIO: Tiki has extreme working drives and great natural aggression. She is a sure calm tracker and very attentive in obedience to her handler. She is a little miss bossy and thinks she is the queen bee. She is now working towards her FH,CD titles as well as bettering our scores in SchH3 level. We started working in agility seriously 2008 fall and we hope to start competing for agility in 2009. Tiki loves being wild and wrestling with her half brother Kapi (Flirtin Capina). She is Handler Owner Trained and Loved by Minna Nousiainen-Becher. Tiki was spayed due to medical reasons. Her career excludes babies.

Tiki's Pedigree consist of:
Sire: Fin Ch Boks-snas Hunter BH,AD,HK3,ZTP (Hips B) who is out of Nico von Santana SchH3,IPO3,ZTP and Boks-snas Fergie)
Dam: Flirtin Sprintti (Hips A) who is out of Vic von Sparta HK3,JK3,VK3,YK3 and Zozefine No Madarm JK1,HK3.
Our Kapi dog is out of Flirtin Sprintti as well. Here is the link to Tiki's breeders site http://www.kotiposti.net/flirtin.kennel/pentueet.html